Koh Chang: East Coast 

Sunday, 5/7 was our last full day in Koh Chang and in the islands as a whole so we had to finish exploring and soak it all in. Koh Chang is HUGE and even in 4 days on the island to this point, we hadn’t managed to touch the East coast of the island yet. The majority of resorts and attractions/beaches are all along the west coast. With the sunsets and the beaches along the West coast, it’s a no brainer as to why it’s the more popular side. 

So today, we took off on our motorbike early and headed to the other side. We explored, got off the bike to go to the beaches and walk around. 

The sand was so much darker. 

It’s amazing how different each side is from one another. Yes it is all surrounded by ocean, but the West coast has its beaches and the East coast is mostly rocks and mangroves. They did have a few beaches that we managed to find at the bottom Southeast corner and they were beautiful. Unfortunately, at this point, we’ve seen so many beautiful beaches that they are rolling together and we are definitely jaded. It was also another extremely hot and humid day so we’re going to pin it on that. 

It took us nearly two hours to make it all the way down the coast, we just kept going and going and going. There were view points, new roads, beaches and closed resorts that we passed through. The scenery was breathtaking with jungle on one side and the ocean immediately on the other. The mountains are huge and full the sky with all sorts of tall trees and miles of jungle. 

We eventually made it to the end point which was awesome to see but we were also so far away from food and it was way past lunch 😝 We took turns driving on the way back – it’s so fun! We also drove past a soccer game going on in the mid day heat. Noooooo thank you. I couldn’t imagine playing in that heat and humidity. Think the humidity of North Carolina, x10 and that’s what it is. There were a lot of fans and families hanging out by the side grilling and having bbqs while the teams were playing. 

It took us a little over an hour to get back up North to the ferry area and then another little bit back towards the Essan restaurant we wanted to go to. Charlie had to get the same dish he got the other day – fried catfish and a mango sauce. Delish. 

Spending the entire day on a motorbike is exhausting. We made it back to the resort around 5 and crashed by the pool until sunset. It was a calm night on the ocean with a cloudy sunset but it was beautiful! 
Charlie thought it would be a good idea to hunt for coconuts so he quickly climbed a tree that had grown out towards the ocean and grabbed one while I watched from a swing. 

We didn’t end up opening it but they are fun to play with in the pool! Especially because this lifestyle tip was discovered: “Note to self, if you’re ever in a battle under water, find yourself a coconut” – apparently they are pretty powerful. 

It quickly got dark and got moving to return our motorbike and have dinner. So a little backstory about our bike. We got it from a place that was renting them for 150B/day which was 100B cheaper than the first place we rented from. With a cheaper price, we also got an older bike. We have had some SWEET bikes here in Thailand with the best one being in Ao Nang, it was essentially brand new with very little miles. This bike was the complete opposite but still got us to where we needed to go. Rather than a couple thousand km on it, it nearly had 40,000 km on it. 

As we were driving on extremely bumpy roads down on the east coast, the front wheel cover just fell off! Immediately we just thought ohhhhhh no they are going to nickel and fine us for that. But when we looked at it, it was clear that this had broken and in fact fallen off before and it was only held on with one small piece of flimsy metal. So we packed it into the bike and headed back. When we returned it, the cover was in the seat compartment so we thought – maybe they won’t notice! Haha nope. When they asked about it, we showed them what had happened and how it was hanging on and she just laughed and didn’t seem surprised at all. Told you it was old!

We finally got Charlies passport back (they hold ransom incase there is any damage to the bike and then they can charge you anything they want) and went to dinner at the same street food restaurant we went to a few nights ago. It was so cheap and delicious we couldn’t turn it down. Fried rice, papaya salad and a water for 99B. That’s about ~$3 for dinner! Charlie got his with Pad Thai and it was the same price. 

Our resort!

Jack fruit: weird texture and tastes like dried bananas. 

We ended our night with our last drinks on the island and packing up to leave for Bangkok the next morning. 



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