Koh Chang: Viewpoints and Smoothies

5/5 –> Found out our resort has free breakfast ✔️ we booked this awhile ago and didn’t read all of the amenities so we showed up not knowing what to do – is it free, do we eat all that we want?! Do we pay for it in that case we only eat a few things and then go find heap street food? We decided to get a coffee and they asked for our room number. Shoot….it’s not free. Then we just had to ask “so is this charged to our room?” and they smiled “no, free” – perfect!

We still had our bike so we took off up the northern coast to explore. We had seen a doughnut bakery shop the day before so we were on a mission for that. Unfortunately – no luck as it was closed. 

Our friend Shannon who has given us a bunch of tips and suggestions for this trip stays at an area called Tiger Hut. As we were driving, we saw the sign so we had to check it out. They are cute little rustic huts right on the beach. 

Also I didn’t think I would drive on Koh Chang because there are so many curves and turns and ups and downs but – to no avail I did! We’re both getting tired riding on the back though so maybe we’ll have to rent two bikes in these last few days. 

We found a cheaper bike rental place down the road that rents to you for only 150B/day (~$4) rather than 250B so we returned this bike before 1 to ultimately get a new one right after. This was our first experience with a strict bike shop owner who went over ever scratch and dent with Charlie and who also wanted every drop of gas when we returned. Even though we out gas in it, he still charged us because it wasn’t to the exact level it was when we took it. 

At home, one would think that “yeah that’s how you have to do it with car rentals, etc.” But here in Thailand it’s a whole different story. Everyone is so laid back and usually the shop owners don’t care as long as you return it in one piece. It’s on the next person to rent to put the gas in it is so skin off of their back. 

What we have heard is that when you bring back the bike full or even with a little gas, the owners will siphon it out to take the gas that you paid for. They then bottle it and resell it to suckers like us who need gas. We haven’t seen this anywhere else but where we rented this next bike from, it was waaaaaay on empty. So empty that we couldn’t risk driving to find gas anywhere else so we had to buy gas from them. 

Either way – we took off on the bike to explore for the rest of the day down the west coast. After a quick stop at a beach for a beverage, we found a viewpoint at one of the southwest bottom points. It was a beautiful drive through the jungle. 

Gas station cats!

More gas – this was how the “stations” were on the island. 

This guy was so cute. Those are his cats above and I was looking at them and he motioned for me to come over and tapped them on the head for me to do the same. 

We knew the viewpoint was a trail so we hiked up this small, rundown trail in our sandals. It was overgrown and we kept running into spider webs with every step. Turns out that when we got to the viewpoint, there is now a small pier/bridge that goes along the side so you don’t have to do the hike. We took that back. While we were there we ran into a Russian couple that was setting up for a photo with a buch or fruits and a cocktail. They saw our camera and asked us to take photos for them and send it to them later. So we did! Turns out they have a mobile cocktail truck back in Russia and while on vacation, they are trying to get a new photo for their logo with a great background. I’d say Thailand is a pretty good spot for that! 

Ran into some mean monkeys on our way back. 


These two ambushed the lady with a baby and we had to chase them away. They wanted her food to the point where she ended up throwing it on the ground but they were still going for her. I ran over there to scare them off but then they turned and bared their teeth at me. Charlie was on the bike so he revved it and came over to drive them off. I liked the monkeys before this but they are mean and good driven and annoying. 


The area right by our resort is great in terms of restaurants, fruits and bars. We headed back for lunch down the road and per usual it was so good. It reminded us of the restaurant Walaiwans in Montpelier but then again all of Thailand does because most smaller street vendors and restaurant are run by families. 

We are obsessed with the pool so we headed back for more pool time, sunset, beach and happy hour ✌🏼This also included trying to execute a timer jumping photo – THAT was a failure. 

En route to the pool. 

In every Thailand town and city, there are markets with street food, desserts, fruit and sometimes clothes vendors. We didn’t make it to one in Koh Lanta so wanted to make sure and find street food in Koh Chang. There was no shortage of markets and we went to two by motorbike. We finally found mixed fruit smoothies in the huge cups but it was 50B and not the 30B we were on the hunt for. These are huge and easily hold 2.5 smoothies worth. All for ~$1! These smoothies were pre-portioned and the fruit was all cut up and available. All you had to do was pick which combo you wanted and they blended it for you. 

Right next to this smoothie lady was a woman with a full menu including crispy pork for only 40B!! This dish is crispy pork, usually a kale or basil and rice and you can easily find it for 80B (cheap) to 150B (expensive). We were blown away and psyched to find prices that were comparable to the North in Pai. 

Since we started drinking at least 3 smoothies per day we’ve been a lot more full – go figure. So we got random takeaway from a restaurant and took it back to the resort to eat it later. We decided that fruit is what has been missing in our lives this whole time! A typical day/meal would leave us just not full for most of this trip. Go figure – the last stop we figure this out. There is fruit everywhere and we believe this is because it is so close to Trat and that province is we’ll know for their availability of fruit and how much grows there. 



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