Koh Chang: Kayaking, More Cheap Smoothies and Lightning 

5/6 was another explore day! We’re loving Koh Chang, it’s the perfect mix of mountains and beach and ocean! 

Our resort has two free Kayaks to use during the day so on this day, 5/6 we took one out in the afternoon. Low tide is in the afternoon so we had to walk out the kayak a little ways and then we were on our way to an island about 1 mile out from the shore. Yesterday was SO HOT so what we thought my be ocean water was in fact just dropping sweat. Even being here for over a month, the humidity just gets you!

There were only a few others on the island, Koh Suwan and by the time we explored and walked from end to end, everyone was gone. It seemed to have some coral as well as there were a few speedboats with small loads of people snorkeling. Of course this was a good time to forget Charlies snorkel mask in the room but the water was clear so we could still see! 

There was only a small sandy shore with lots and lots of rocks to climb around on. 

Our resort also has TWO infinity salt water pools – yes two – that are gorgeous. We’ve swam in those every day so far and it’s the perfect thing to do to escape from the heat and humidity. Although they are both still pretty warm…..but great with fresh fruit and cold beer!

We then headed out with the sole mission to find a 30B smoothie in big cups that we found out about from Taylor and AJ. After trying a few spots with no avail, they sent the exact pin from when they were here for us to find. Sure enough – it worked! They were so good and we’re <$1. This place also had food so naturally we got more Massamon curry. 

And they apparently have laundry..

We hit up the viewpoint on our way back and then dropped down to the beach to drink a beer and watch the sunset. It was another good one! We tried a few shots with a long exposure over the rocks, check them out. 

From the viewpoint:

From the beach:

To continue with the pressure of leaving Thailand soon and soon being separated from all of the amazing fruit they have, we naturally needed to get more. Once we ran out of light for the long exposure we then headed to the market and got more mango, dragon fruit, mangosteen and passion fruit. The markets here are fantastic and many include the whole family, especially now that it’s summer break for the kids. The kid working kept saying “my friend, my friend, this is the price”. It was great. He was probably 12. 

It was about 8PM at this point so naturally we got a foot massage (they are all open until 11PM!). It is also all drop in so you show up, they call their friends and then they get to work. This was also our second massage in three days 👌🏼 we hadn’t gotten one this whole trip so naturally we have to pack them in. They are so cheap! The other day our 1hr Thai Massage was 250B ($7-8) and our foot massage was 300B ($8-9). They are also the most amazing things ever. Foot massages are my new favorite. They work your feet, calves, quads, hamstrings and even move to your neck, head and shoulders at the end!

And they give you tea when your done 💁🏻. 

It was nearly 930 by the time we got out and we were greeted by a really cool lightning show! We haven’t gotten to test out our new camera with long exposure at night so we went to play around with the settings. The show didn’t last too long but we got a few keepers. 

Each day in Koh Chang (and Thailand) is amazing but since this is our last stop before Bangkok to then go home – it’s bittersweet! We can’t believe how fast time has gone by since we got here 4.5 weeks ago. One thing is for sure though – we sure know how to pack a day full!!



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