Koh Lanta to Koh Chang 

Monday, 5/3 was our travel day to Koh Chang, our last major stop before we headed home. 

We continue to be amazed with how easy it is to get from point A to B, no matter where we are. We asked our hostel owner in Lanta about transportation to Krabi airport and he said “yeah no problem” and by the time we had come back from our 4 island tour, the transportation was booked! Our flight from Krabi to Trat (across the gulf of Thailand) was at 11:40 so we had to catch the earliest bus they had at 7:30. It sure came fast! 

One last goodbye to the most adorable cat at Wayla. Which also sounded like a goat. 

We were picked up by a van that then stopped at a few other places until it was full. We had to get on a small car ferry to cross over but it was so short we didn’t have to get out of the van. I initially was worried about making it to the airport in time because the trip was supposed to be 3 hrs. BUT our van driver was a speed racer (tends to be a theme). He was rocking around turns left and right and we made it to the airport at 9:30, am hour earlier than I thought!

We took Bangkok Airlines which was one of our best decisions of the trip. We were skeptical of the long travel day and our 5 hr layover in Bangkok but sure enough – Everyone that flies Bangkok Air gets access to their lounges with free coffee, tea, drinks, food, snacks, popcorn, muffins, curries and best of all – free water. 

Since we were so early for our flight, we got to enjoy the lounges in Krabi and Bangkok. We landed in Trat at 6 and had initially planned to stay a night in Trat to head to the island of Koh Chang the next day. While on the flight to Trat (one of the smallest airports in Thailand) we decided to go right to koh Chang directly to just be there already. When booking our hostel in Trat the week before, we thought we would get in way to late to catch a ferry to the island but we were wrong! 

As soon as we got off our propeller plane that had maybe 15 people on it, we were asked where we wanted to go. We said a hostel in Koh Chang that we had found earlier, paid 500B each and loaded the van. 

The smallest baggage claim we’ve ever seen. 

This van was plush! First sign – the van had limousine in its name. 2 – free water. 3 – the most comfortable leather seats. And 4 – WIFI. in the van! Definitely money well spent. Since it had wifi, we booked the hostel from the van so we would be confirmed of a room when we got there. Typically we get to a place, book from a cafe with free wifi down the road and then show up. Since it’s slow season, it’s worked out really well. 

We took another ferry to the island and then were dropped off directly at the hostel, Paradise Cottages. The cottages/bungalows we pretty rustic but it was a place to sleep and the location and was awesome!

We finished the night relaxing in their hammocks with cocktails and prepped for the next day of heading to our fancy resort! 



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