Koh Chang: Gajapuri and Thai Massages

We headed to our last and most anticipated accommodations of the trip on 5/4. But not before we scoped out the view from our hostel, it was right on the water. Not bad for $11/night total. 

Throughout this trip we have been staying at hostels and trying to keep our accommodation cost at $5-$10 each/night with the end goal of staying at a nice resort towards the end of or trip to relax and conclude our 5 week honeymoon adventure. 
We knew it was fancy because we were great by elephants. 

The resort we booked was Gajapuri and it was beautiful. It is a huge piece of property on the main road as well as right on there the ocean. In addition to access to the beach, there was also a mountain view up from the boardwalk and pool. They had a spa, restaurant, free kayaks, amazing rooms, two infinity pools, free breakfast and so much more. We splurged big time and still only paid $85/night. It’s amazing what they would get you at home and what it gets you here. 

We were able to check in early (thanks slow season) and got moving around 1 to explore but not before a quick visit to the pool!

 We rented a bike and quickly discovered how hilly and curvy the roads were. They were a lot like Pai but this time I was way less nervous on the back and even drove some of the roads myself. 

And they have so much fruit! (As does all of Thailand) 

Dragon fruit:

Durien (The most smelly fruit from the tree. Driving past the trees or a stand you instantly know it’s the fruit). 

We headed back up the coast and found lunch at an Esan restaurant and finally found a dish that is our friend Shannon’s favorite (so naturally we had to try it). It is fried catfish with a mango sauce and sticky rice. 

At this point we felt a lot of the trip catching up so we were still pretty tired. After lunch we grabbed another smoothie and walked the shops but ultimately went back for more lounging by the pool. 

Our bike was also old…


It was also the perfect lazy night to get our first Thai massage! It was so painful but felt really good! My woman was a bigger lady and showed no mercy where it turns out Charlies was the opposite. I still can’t get over how cheap they are – just 250B for an hour $7-9.

Dinner was a street food vendor/restaurant that was really cheap and so good! First time trying papaya salad -yum! It was also accompanied by a begging cat that behaved just like a dog, even putting its paws up and staring. It also sounded like a goat. 


Finished the night with experimenting with night shots on the pool and a movie (the resort has a ton of dvds to choose from). 



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