Koh Lanta: Animal Shelter and a Lazy Day

After a full day of snorkeling – it was time for a lazy day (5/1). We had to change hostels this day so we were able to take our time in the morning and gather alllllll of the laundry. 
The main reason we came to Koh Lanta in the first place was to meet back up with Taylor, Steph and Steffi (who we met in Chiang Mai) and their group of friends. They had this planned and we didn’t have a plan so we decided to join! 

We moved to Wayla Hostel from Hub of Joys and then headed to the animal shelter they have on the island. They take care and rehab a lot of animals and then put them up for adoption as soon as they are ready. One of the biggest operations they do is spay and neuter cats and dogs. For every one cat they spay, they prevent 80 new cats per year. It’s really impressive work! We got a tour of the facility as well as the low down of all that they do. They had so many cute dogs and cats and best of all, kittens. 

 We then met up with Taylor, Rachel, Steffi, Steph and AJ for food and then explored a few more beaches with the time left from our motorbike. To drop it off on time – Charlie had to run back about 2 miles in the sweltering heat – sooo that was fun! 

We ended the night with drinks, more food and another beautiful sunset!

Another must do on our list was Emerland Cave and the 4 island tour so in true fashion, we booked that at 8PM and had to be ready for an 8:30AM pickup the next day! 



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